From the desk of Additional Chief Technical Director

Engineers are the front-end soldiers in the battle field of development of human race against several constraints. Scientists may invent and an engineer applies that knowledge in the practical field. So an engineer must have the idea in totality. And totality is generated from knowledge in depth.

Scientists and thinkers generally show the future path towards prosperity and advancement. The engineers’ duty is to implement the invention and thinking in reality. In one sentence there must be co-existence of dream and preach.

We should also remember that there is no conflict between technology and literature and philosophy. To direct technology towards the best possible world the engineers must follow the ethical path. A good literature may work as a master for such movement.

There will be an inestimable value for the future development of any country. Citizens, in true sense, will be the makers of the future world as like Thomas Paine and SKFGI is the maker of the future world-citizen. This Institution is offering a positive attitude. It turns out teenage students to be competent enough to be good road-makers.

The major strength of the Institute lies in the dedicated and devoted managing trustees and enthusiastic faculty members having utmost care and concern for the students.

Habits of regulation and judgment have been imposed into the minds of the students by this Institution. It also allows the total play of the inquisitiveness of the young students. So the products of SKFGI may use machines and technology for the benefit of mankind. This way SKFGI serves the nation and world as well.

Prof. (Dr.) Tarun Kumar Dey

Additional Chief Technical Director
Supreme Knowledge Foundation Group of Institutions
Ph. D (Engg.), M.E. Tel. E, MIEEE (USA), Life Member IEI, Life Menber IETE, Member Society of EMC Engg. (India), Member EMCS & Magnetics Society (IEEE USA)