From the desk of Chairman Trust

Education is not just gaining information of the world around an individual. Education is the process of converting information into knowledge. It is through knowledge that one can improve the world around her/him. Education helps us in building opinions and developing the perspective of looking at life. Pursuing a higher education, whether it is a bachelor’s degree, master’s degree or a doctoral program, creates improved job prospects, better career opportunities.

Since youth I had a dream where I could be of any help to the society by providing education. Supreme Knowledge Foundation Group of Institutions was one of the steps taken to achieve this dream of mine.

At Supreme Knowledge Foundation Group of Institutions students need to strictly attend lectures, solve variety of problems as a part of their homework, assignments, midterms, finals or other non-academic activities. As one face these problems, they will slowly learn solving problems on their own, learn several approaches, alternate solutions and develop critical thinking skills. They will get to meet various people, both students and professors, of different social backgrounds thus making them ready at their workplace to interact in a group, collaborate with them and approach an authoritative person in that organization.

Mr Bijoy Guha Mallick