Computer center

The Computer Laboratory of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering provides the ‘Computer Centre’ to the Institute. The Centre, in turn, provides the Internet facilities of 3Mbps bandwidth. The Wi-Fi service, provided through six powerful antennas, is available for all the students and teachers of the Institute, which covers the Institute Administrative Office, the Departments, Boys Hostel, Girls Hostel, and Guest House. Further, the Centre is equipped with the facilities such as High-End Server, modern online UPS, 150 modern P-IV PCs and 300 modern I-3 PCs (Lenovo Think Centre) with 100 Mbps LAN facilities for all the computer and supporting accessories like Dot Matrix Printers, LaserJet Printer, DVD Writers, Scanners, LCD Projectors, etc. The software’s of the Centre include 6 operating system Windows 2008, Windows 2007, Windows Vista, Windows XP (all Windows operating systems under Microsoft Campus License), Linux, Fedora and 36 application software: Visual Studio 2010, Office 2007/ 2010, Turbo C++ 4.5, Java, Lab view, Etap, My power, Multi Sim, Caspic, PiceSpice, Tech- MO , Tech-Term, Tanner, Code Composer Studio, Xilinx, etc. The Institute is served by an Internet leased line connection at a speed of 4 MBPS (1:1). Further, the Institute has started developing a centralized computer network. One central server room has been developed and all academic departments, library, administration, accounts department and the hostel will be connected with Central Control Server with fibre optics backbone cable through Smart Layer III switch. All departmental labs will be connected through smart Layer II switch.