General Rules

  1. Smoking, consumption of alcohol, use of drugs, chewing of pan-and-zarda in the college campus are strictly prohibited. Offenders will be taken to task as per Institute's rule.
  2. The campus is a ragging free zone. Involvement and indulgence in ragging is an act of severe indiscipline. Stern action will be taken against any student found involved in any such misconduct.
  3. Students should wear the college uniform from Tuesday to Friday with covered shoes (no sandals/ slippers will be allowed) failing which they disciplinary measures will be taken by the authority. However, on every Saturday, they may be in formal attire (casual dresses like Jeans, T-Shirts etc will not be allowed). In case any Monday is considered as academic day, students have to wear college uniform on that day.
  4. No students will be allowed to sit in the canteen during class hours. If any student violates the instruction, then appropriate disciplinary measures will be taken against him/ her by the authority.
  5. Any student who wants to go out of the college during college hours, or wants to take premature leave will have to ask for a GATE PASS from his/ her respective department which will be issued by any faculty member of the concerned department including the HOD.
  6. In all academic days, students should enter the college within 10.00 am otherwise he/she will not be allowed to enter into the campus for the respective day.
  7. All students must maintain 75% overall attendance in theory and laboratory classes failing which they will not be allowed to appear for the semester exams.