Drawing hall

Drawing is the non-verbal communication for engineers which represents the shape and size of the structures. In this laboratory various type of detailed drawings are prepared of different structural component. The Infrastructure facilities of the Drawing& Graphics Lab has been fortified to cater to the needs of the present strength of the students.The Drawing and Graphics Lab can accommodate more than 35 students at a time with each student working on individual workstations. The students are taught with outmost care by experienced Faculty and Technical Assistants.

This is where the students start their journey of fundamentals of Engineering Drawing by learning to depict Lines, then Lettering, Dimensioning, Plain scale, Diagonal scale etc. using Plain, Diagonal & T-Scale, next Geometrical construction of curves; polygons, parabola, hyperbola, ellipse with Set Square & French Curve; moving on to Projection of points, lines, surfaces; orthographic projection, 1st & 3rd angle projection, projection of lines and surfaces, Projection of solids like cube, pyramid, prism, cylinder, cone, Drawing isometric view from orthogonal/ sectional views of simple solid objects, full and half sectional views of solids, Development of surfaces like prism, cylinder, cone by means of Solid model of prism, Diagonal Scale, Master Circle, Set Square, Short & Long bow compass, Short & Long bow divider, Micro tip pencil, T-Square, Inside caliper & Steel scale. Finally they learn Computer aided drafting using Auto Cad software; accentuating on Cartesian and Polar coordinate system, absolute and relative coordinates; learning basic editing commands like line, point, trace, rectangle, polygon, circle, arc, ellipse, poly-line; followed by editing methods; basic object selection methods, window and crossing window, erase, move, copy, offset, fillet, chamfer, trim, extend, mirror; display commands: zoom, pan, redraw, regenerate; simple dimensioning and text.