Hostel Rules

  1. Boarders must comply with any reasonable request from any member of SKFGI staff. They must provide suitable current ID such as their students ID card at the request of any member of the staff.
  2. Boarders must not stay back in hostel during vacations. However , special permission may be issued for a limited period with consent of their parents / from the superintendent.
  3. Boarders not smoke in any communal spaces (e.g., campus, common rooms, bar, stairwells, entrance areas, corridors, kitchen, dining areas, bathroom or toilet). If found smoking, the boarder will be subjected to a fine. The quantum of fine should be decided by the competent authority
  4. The Boarders must respect the property and premises and not cause damage. Students will be responsible for any damages caused by them or their guest.
  5. Boarders must respect other residents, SKFGI staff, visitors and guest invited onto the premises.
  6. Abusive, threatening, harassing or violent behavior is contrary to SKFGI’s ethos, culture and belief and will be treated accordingly.
  7. Boarders must accept full responsibility and supervision of their guests and visitors when they are on site/ inside the college campus.
  8. Boarders must not cause nuisance or noise affecting the work and sleep of the others at any time to maintain a vibrant, diverse and friendly living environment. They must not cause damage, nuisance or noise which might adversely affect residents in and around the local community and may bring SKFGI into disrepute and dispute.
  9. The boards must maintain their accommodation in a clean and appropriate manner. They will be asked to rectify the matter if they do not do so. Should they fail to act, additional cleaning will be undertaken at their own cost.
  10. Boarders should not enter any room other than their own, except on particular business. If compelled to do so they must be careful not to disturb the other boarders.
  11. Boarders should not deliberately misuse the students’ telephone and students Data Network Services.
  12. Before leaving the hostel, the boarders must record their name, place of visit, time of leaving & probable time of returning. After returning they should sign the register with time (except class hours).
  13. The boarders should take their meal from the attached mess. They should take their meals punctually during prescribed hours.
  14. Boarders are not allowed to stay in the hostel during class hours unless the stay is unavoidable due to illness or any other valid reason. In such cases they should take the permission of the Superintendent.