Language laboratory

Students have access to the Language Laboratory which is equipped with the facilities as per the norms of WBUT, which help students develop their skill in expressing their ideas. IIT- STEP, Kharagpur has further updated the Laboratory to make it one of the best of its kind in the country. In this Laboratory, students go through intensive practice in listening, reading; speaking and writing, (LRSW skills) which help them enhance their interpersonal, business, and technical communication skills.

The course offered by the state-of-the-art Laboratory includes the study of phonetics which will augment their pronunciation ability, the intonation and stress, through audio cassettes, CDs, VCDs, prepared by the professionals on the subject such as OUP, BBC and The British Institutes.

Students are encouraged to learn the language through creative and innovative methods and activities such as Group Discussions, Mock Interviews, Role Plays and Oral Presentations. Their participation in the GD and Mock Interviews are recorded and later shown to them as a feedback for the improvement of the specific skills they lack in. Students are trained in this Laboratory the method of oral presentation of their research papers at Conferences as well Further, this Laboratory encourages students to take up hardware projects on the development of the sensors for monitoring the noise levels in verbal presentations, moods of speakers, etc.