Recruiter’s Zone: A General Note on Placement Assistance

Placement support is provided by the Institute to eligible students. This activity is done under the aegis of the Department of Training & Placement. Periodically, students are informed through the students groups mail ID as well as through the Notice Board & Web portal about summer internships or final placement coordinated through Dept. of T&P.

Actual placements would depend upon the general economic and industry scenario, the academic and non-academic competencies including good life skills developed by each student, as well as, the cultural-fit of each student vis-à-vis the company, as determined by the recruiters visiting the campus.

While every effort will be made to enable each student to compete effectively for various positions offered by companies, the actual conversion of the opportunity into a concrete placement is the sole responsibility of the student. The institute, therefore, does not guarantee that a particular student will be placed irrespective of the student’s performance parameters.

The major components of the placement (summer or final) process are written/online test, G.D, Personal Interview, personality profiling etc. thorough domain knowledge, recruiters expect students to be totally updated on current national and world developments, especially those affecting the economy and the impact of such events on the industry or business for which the recruitment is taking place. The recruiter expects to see depth of understanding, analytical skills and originality in student responses, whether it be G.D. or Personal Interview. Needless to add that a good CGPA and proficiency in some extracurricular activity such as active club participation will be a very valuable add on for the student, which can be acquired through hard work, extensive reading, especially of financial and general news papers besides study of the course curriculum and last but not least, by regularly attending the class lectures, guest lectures, workshops and seminars organized by SKFGI. Equally important is a positive attitude, willingness to learn and a sense of humility.

This is to be noted that companies are looking for proactive, energetic, diligent, well rounded personalities who have indisputable integrity and values propagated by SKFGI. The recruiter needs to sense the “hunger” for the job on offer for the candidate.

The entire placement process gets executed as per a detailed Action Plan prepared in advance at different levels in joint consultation with Sr. Management and probable recruiters and Placement Advisory Board at the Institution level convened by Dean (Training & Placement).

Professional Values of Dept. Of T&P

The professional ethos of the DEPT. OF T&P is based upon the following values:

  • IMPARTIALITY– Information and guidance given to clients & students will, in the best judgment of the staff, be impartial and in the interests primarily of the students.
  • CLIENT AUTONOMY – whilst seeking to provide assistance possible, the DEPT. OF T&P expects Students to take responsibility for their own decisions and for securing offers of employment or places on further courses on their own merits.
  • CONFIDENTIALITY – information about students and recruiters is treated as confidential and is not divulged to third party.
  • EQUALITY OF OPPORTUNITY – the DEPT. OF T&P is committed to equality of opportunity in education, training and employment, and across all the degree awarding streams.
  • CUSTOMER FOCUS – the DEPT. OF T&P aims to provide a high standard of services to all students and expects staff to maintain a customer focus at all times.
  • QUALITY – the DEPT. OF T&P strives to provide the highest quality of service possible with the available resources.
  • PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT – the DEPT. OF T&P is committed to the continuing professional development of all the students and exposing them to the contemporary industrial requirement parameters by the aptness of training provided.
  • INNOVATION – the DEPT. OF T&P seeks to capitalize, where appropriate, on new developments in technology and in professional practice and believes that a commitment to quality should include a willingness to experiment and take reasonable risks in the pursuit of innovation.
  • COLLABORATION – the DEPT. OF T&P is keen to collaborate with others both within the Institution and beyond, where this is advantageous in pursuit of its aims, and believes in particular that the services it provides to its various users are greatly enhanced through collaboration with other career services in higher education.