Research Scope

The scope of carrying out research at SKFGI is enormous. A number of renowned researchers of their time mentor the research activities at SKFGI. Constant endeavour of our Research Coordinator Prof. B. N. Basu, constant encouragement and guidance of Prof. B. N. Biswas, Prof. S. Dey’s enthusiasm has given an impetus to develop a culture of engaging research works at SKFGI. The support from the Management in developing the infrastructure for carrying out quality research works has helped to establish several research centers within SKFGI in collaboration with laboratories of national and international importance. These collaborations are in place through MoUs with CSIR-CEERI,Pilani, NB Institute for Rural Technology, Kolkata, Trident TechLab Pvt Ltd, New Delhi under Texas Instrument University Programme, Big Data Brio Academy, Kolkata. At SKGFI the scope is unlimited.