Extra-Curricular and Co-Curricular Activities of SKFGI



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The institution firmly believes that developing technical knowledge and skills cannot be the only two engagements of a future engineer. The overall development of his mind and intellect can only help him to survive in the external world. He should be dedicated for the development of his country and devoted for the upliftment of the society in which he belongs. So apart from sports and organizing conferences, the students are engaged in organizing various events round the year which teach them to develop their leadership quality and unknowingly he acquires the personality of working as a team member.

Technical Festival —“Tech Craze”

To discover the proficiency and dexterousness of Technology students of SKFGI has been organising for the last four years an inter-college Technology Festival: TechCraze every year. This year, too, the students organised two-day ‘TechCraze 2K16’ in our Campus during 21st ‒ 22nd March, 2016 in which hundreds of participants of our Institute and other colleges showcased their talent and panache in various events at a wide-ranging platform.

All the participants stepped forward for their respective events with a winning spirit and positivity. This year in TechCraze 2K16 a great many activities were lined up for the students. We had a number of ROBOTIC events: ‘TERRAIN EXPEDITION’ of manually-controlled ROBOT, to cross a track having a series of different hurdles to reach the finishing line; ‘ROBO-SOCCER’ of manually-controlled ROBOT, to tackle an opponent to hit the net; ‘ROBO-CARROM’ of manually-controlled ROBOT, to tackle an opponent and drop the ball into the hole; ‘BLACOLYTE’, a simple line follower event involving an autonomous ROBOT that has to follow a black line drawn on a white base and navigate a labyrinth; ‘SHIELD BOT’, an event of a colour recognising autonomous ROBOT to kick down objects out of the arena. The other events of centres of attraction were: ‘BRIDGE BUILDING’ in which the participants constructed bridges with the help of pop-sticks to withstand a massive load; ‘TECH, an event of professional designing skills; ‘CODIFICER’ to activate ones grey cells and decode; and ‘SUDOKU’, a game for puzzle solvers. The other events that added bonanza to TechCraze 2K16 were: ‘REEL REALM’ in which the participants made a unique and innovative documentary; ‘PLAYSHOT’ where the participants came up with their innovated short films; ‘INNOV GALLERY’, an opportunity to showcase one’s creative and innovative ideas through an exhibit; ‘CAMSWAG’ where partaker clicked the moments of the events; ‘MAKE BEST OUTTA WASTE’, an event of creative ideas to bring out the best from waste. The various entertaining events added to the fun of the carnival. In adrenaline pumped and adventurous event ‘Paintball Ubermania’ one tried one’s shooting skills. Also ‘Zorbing’ was another event of fun where participants in their air sac fought one another until one pushes the other out of the arena. The management, faculty and other staff of SKFGI supported in a big way to make TechCraze 2K16 a highly successful and memorable event.

Management Fair 2016

The Festival of Fusion 2016

The Department of MBA organised The Festival of Fusion on February 20th and 21st, 2016, with an objective of forming an industry-academia association. Our MBA students played pivotal roles as market research associates for various prominent corporate participants like Bengal Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Ltd., La Opala RG Ltd., State Bank of India, LIC Housing Finance Ltd., Business Economics, etc. Moreover, this festival became remarkable due to the revered association with Department of Science and Technology, Govt. of West Bengal, as well as The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), Kolkata Chapter, and an invited lecture titled as National Solar Mission – 100 GW Solar Power by 2022 by Dr. S. P. Gon Chaudhuri, the former Director of West Bengal Renewable Energy Development Agency, which added more colours to the Festival. The other notable events included Inter-School and Inter-College Quiz and Debate Competitions along with fascinating cultural programmes by our college students commemorating the International Mother Language Day on February 21, 2016.

National Service Scheme (NSS)

In the year 2010, SKFGI’s B. Tech students started its first NSS campaign within and outside the Institution’s premises. It prides in the NSS Park built by the NSS team. It also undertakes relentless service to the nation by visiting the Old Age Home at Mankundu, Dishari Hospital at Chandannagar, Prabartak Sangh Ashram for the orphanage, Chandannagar, and also by helping the slum children of Mankundu by educating them and giving them gifts as our token of love and appreciation for them. The NSS students also undertake in helping and educating our Canteen workers as well helping them out in their domestic chores. The students visiting the Old Age Home shower love, and extend their respect to the revered ones. Singing songs, gifting handmade greeting cards, and presenting fruits and chocolates are some of the ways the students express their love and affection. Every year the slum children as well as the Mankundu School for the less privileged ones are invited to our Institute for participating in the painting competition and presenting their performing art for our entertainment. The students of our Institute also visit the slum houses and gift the children and their parents and grandparents the clothes, books, and ornaments. Our students play the perfect role of a tutor and mentor to the slum children by helping out with their class assignments especially in Mathematics and English. The students of NSS work with great enthusiasm and fervour. Such activities instil in them a sense of selfless duty and service for the nation in general and underprivileged in particular.

Entrepreneurship Development Programme (EDP) Cell

The Entrepreneurship Development Programme (EDP) Cell, working in tandem with Training and Placement Department of SKFGI, has added a new dimension to engineering and management science education at SKFGI. Founded on 7th September 2012 with the objective of fostering and supporting entrepreneurial acumen of students, EDP Cell evoked tremendous interest amongst students as evidenced by their participation in the following sponsored programmes:

  • Management Development Program on Quality Control and Inventory Management sponsored by Department of MSME-DI, Kolkata, Government of India
  • Management Development Program on Marketing Management sponsored by Department of MSME-DI, Kolkata, Government of India
  • Entrepreneurship Development Program sponsored by Department of MSME-DI, Kolkata, Government of India
  • Entrepreneurship Awareness Camps sponsored by Department of Science and Technology (DST), Government of West Bengal
  • Entrepreneurship Development Program sponsored by Department of NIESBUD, Kolkata, Government of India

SKFGI has also become an institutional member of National Entrepreneurship Network (NEN) with effect from 31st January, 2014. NEN is the largest network of new and growing entrepreneurs. The goal of the Network is to enable job creation through development of new entrepreneurs as well as to support the existing entrepreneurs to scale. NEN provides resources to academic institutions to build and manage the entrepreneurship education infrastructure and programmes for the students and entrepreneurs.

Some of the objectives that we have in mind are:
  • To form an active E-Cell with our students as members and E-Leaders
  • To arrange different activities of the E-Cell for all students with a view to developing the entrepreneurial ambience in the Institute, such as seminars on entrepreneurship, workshops with entrepreneurs, etc.
  • To teach the concepts of entrepreneurship in the framework designed by NEN using various inbound and outbound activities
  • To develop an Incubation Cell to support entrepreneurial ventures by our students by providing them with the guidance and financial aid.

School Students’ Contest

SKFGI in collaboration with District Institute for Educational Training (DIET) has been organising every year the School Students’ Contest—a two-day event where the school students of the district come together to participate in a number of Inter-School events: Quiz, Debate, Oral Presentation and inter school Science Exhibition. This year the Contest was organised by SKFGI as a satellite event of International Conference C2E2 – 2016. We could discover in this Contest huge talents, prodigy and devotion to the quest for knowledge in school children. For instance, in Science Exhibition the various models and projects were put up which were chiselled to perfection keeping the tiniest detail in mind. Such endeavour in engineering self-made engineering models kept everyone in shock and awe. These models were personally inspected by eminent national and international scientists participating in the International Conference C2E2 – 2016, who were amazed and thrilled seeing the hard work full of talent and potential of the nascent souls in the school children of this part of our country. The participants received their prizes, medals and certificates from these eminent figures which would certainly motivate them in the pursuit of their knowledge in years to come.

The participation in the Contest is increasing day by day. This year more than 200 students participated from 25 schools. This makes proud our Institute, SKFGI, devoted to the promotion of education. The event gave the school children of Class IX ‒ XII level to get an opportunity to communicate with the college students—the budding engineers—and the participants of C2E2 – 2016, which would certainly help them to choose their future in science and engineering.

We would like to express our sincere thanks to Dr. Somnath Chatterjee, Head master, Kannailal School Chandannagore (French section) and Dr. A. K. Sadat, Director, DIET for their support and guidance throughout the execution of School Students’ Contest. Sincere and heartfelt thanks to all the school teachers and Head Masters of the school who have inspired their students to participate in the program.

Orientation Programme

Orientation Programme at SKFGI is conceived with a different meaning altogether from the usual at different educational institutions. It paves a new platform to the new entrants stepping into the world of phobia and unknown surrounding. Altogether a new cultural environment and ambience makes a student feel a quantum jump from school life to college life.

The new students experience a different kind of change in their life a sort of fear of change which we call metathesiophobia engulfing them. The Orientation Programme at SKFGI enables the young minds to face new locations, new spaces, and new people helps them to overcome this metathesiophobia. The newcomers are enthused by the motivating lectures of distinguished academicians and teachers in this programme who make the students understand and appreciate the difference between school education and college education. Good training and a creative bent of mind can encourage them to adopt innovative approach to explain the difference. Mark Twain said, “Training is everything. The peach was once a bitter almond; cauliflower is nothing but a cabbage with college education.” With this notion of moving ahead, the Orientation Programme inculcates to its new entrants, the confidence of moving forward, and overcoming the ‘cabbageness’ in their lives. This will make them bloom like the cauliflowers.

Aarushi: Freshers’ Welcome

Aarushi—the Freshers’ Welcome took birth in the year 2013. It began with big enthusiasm and excitement. It was initiated by the students of 2012 batch, and, the Fresher’s Welcome was christened Aarushi—meaning the first rays of the Sun. The symbolic rising of the Sun is the revelation of rising talents of the sophomores and the freshers. Thus, Aarushi expresses its warm welcome with the soothing warmth to the newcomers.

This welcome event of the Institute is extended to the freshers by the sophomores through performing arts celebrating the first embryonic steps of the freshers at SKFGI thereby setting a mark for the development of their ‘self’ for a better tomorrow. The onset of their personality development begins with the talent hunt that becomes the main agenda of Aarushi. The freshers see the first rays of the Sun in the form of DRAMUDA (Drama, Music and Dance). They taste their first week with fun and frolic amidst their hectic academic curriculum. It is Aarushi that keeps SKFGI flag flying high and showcasing students’ brilliant performance at the outset. The seven letters of Aarushi represents respectively aesthetics, academics, raga, unison, selflessness, humanity, and intelligence. These seven letters of Aarushi flow out like the seven seas which sow the fertile seeds of artistic talents and creativity. Aarushi has created history and shall do more in the years to come.

“Au’ Revoir” – Farewell Programme

It is never easy to bid farewell to those who become an integral part of the Institute during the course studying here. The third year students organized Au’ Revoir—Farewell programme of SKFGI— to show their love for their seniors passing out from the Institute and wish them luck as they get ready to step into a life taking along with them the colourful memories of SKFGI.

Refresko – Cultural Fest

The Institute encourages the talents of the students in performing arts and sponsors the cultural events organised by them. The Annual Cultural Festival of the institute, Refresko, was a witness to the talent, creativity, coordination and hard work of the students of SKFGI in performing art. Along with performances of the Institute students, Refresko stand also presented the superb performances by renowned artist of regional and national repute.

Republic Day and Independence Day Celebration

Every year SKFGI observes Republic Day and Independence Day with a great splendor, joy and respect for Mother India. Chairman, Trust, Mr. Bojoy Guha Mallik hoists the National Flag in front of the Academic Building followed by scintillating speeches of Chairman, Education Division, Prof. (Dr.) BN Biswas and Chief Technical Director, Prof. (Dr.) T. K. Sengupta. Students perform cultural events, under the mentorship of the teachers of SKFGI specially Prof. (Dr.) Rajib Bag, Dean, Students’ Affairs. The program ends with patriotic songs.