The first taste of hands on experience of essentials of manufacturing is obtained here. The workshop with a built up space of 2421 sq ft. is able to accommodate more than 100 students. The Infrastructure facilities of Workshop have been fortified to cater to the needs of the present strength of the students.

There are various sections in the workshop. They are Welding, Carpentry, Forging, Milling, Lathe,etc. The workshop is equipped with latest instruments as per the guilines and requirement of AICTE and MAKAUT (formerly WBUT).Each student is provided with hands on experience under the supervision of experienced Faculty and Technical Assistants. The Safety rules issued by the University are strictly maintained in each lab while carrying out any experiment.

Here they learn Arc Welding by joining two 6mm MS plates using Arc Welding Machine of Transformer Type; Gas Welding using Gas Welding equipments, MIG Welding complete set up, 400 Amps welding set up & Spot Welding Transformer; Sheet Metal Work by forming a cone by using Snip, Angle Protector, Centre and dot punch, steel rule, Scriber, soldering set up, Ball peen Hammer; Pattern making by the use of Try Square, Carpentry Bench Vice, Tenon saw, Hand Saw, Jack-Plane, Farmer Chisel; Sand moulding and casting using Aluminum Melting Furnace; Machining using Lathe Machine, Semi-Hydraulic Power saw, Bench grinding Machine, Shaping Machine & Heavy duty Precision Geared Head Universal Milling Machine; Fitting using Semi-Hydraulic Power saw, Drill Machine, Fitting Set.

The understanding of manufacturing congregated through Workshop Practice in 1st year is advanced in this lab in the second year through the learning of Pattern Making; pattern material, pattern allowances and types of patterns; Mould making Practice: Uses of moulding tools: green sand moulding, gating system, risering system, core making; Making a typical product using sheet metal; Basic Forging processes like upsetting, drawing down and forge welding; Practicing Resistance Spot Welding, Shielded Metal Arc Welding and Gas Welding; Machining of typical products involving lathe, milling/shaping operations and finishing processes & Machining of gears.