Diploma in Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering is one of the main engineering disciplines that include the application of laws of physics for Design, Analysis and Manufacturing of mechanical systems.

Students enrolled to the course are taught to make and collect motors and structures, control plants and vehicles of all sizes, understand concepts central to the discipline, such as: Mechanics, Kinematics, Fluid Mechanics, Energy and vitality.

Students are also taught to use the center standards in the field to plan and inspect vehicle engines, warming and cooling frameworks, industrial equipment and machinery, robotics, medical devices, and such.

Diploma in Civil Engineering

Civil engineering is the division of engineering concerned with the building, designing, planning, and maintenance of the material and naturally built surroundings.
It is one of the oldest and largest branches of engineering. Civil Engineers are professionally responsible for overseeing design and construction of industrial plant buildings, transmission towers/lines, waterworks, river navigation, airport runways, skyscrapers, power plants, irrigation canals, traffic control infrastructure, dams, shipping canals, bridges, rail-roads, sewers and highways.
Students enrolled to the course are offered adequate exposure to reinforced concrete structures, quality control, material testing, construction management & entrepreneurship, professional practice and office procedures, extensive survey, building drawing, irrigation & bridge drawing, structural engineering drawing. Candidates also get exposure to software applications like AUTOCAD.

Diploma in Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineering is one of the main engineering disciplines that includes the study and application of electromagnetism, electronics, and electricity.

Diploma in Electrical Engineering course involves Microcontroller, Electrical power generation and Electromagnetic studies which helps students to learn how control systems and signal processing works. Electrical Engineering gives an opportunity for students to explore Electrical aspects, tools, as well as methods. Diploma in Electrical engineering helps to have a better knowledge of many industrial machines and their applications.