B. Tech in Civil Engineering

B.Tech Civil Engineering course introduces the elements of surveying with construction on applications for the construction process. In this course, students study topics like history and background of the surveying profession and learn how it interacts with other disciplines.

They also learn measurement concepts, accuracy, error consideration, precision, measuring angles, and significant figures.
The course makes a student well aware and responsible for planning and designing, constructing and maintaining a project. B.Tech Civil Engineering degree equips students not only with a sound engineering knowledge but also good supervisory and administrative skills.

B. Tech in Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering is the evergreen branch of engineering. Market scenario and demand of engineering graduates change every year but the demand of mechanical engineering degree will never be obsolete. Mechanical engineering graduates can find placements in almost every sector, right from construction sector to steel industry and from automobile to software.
B.Tech Mechanical Engineering is the branch of engineering that involves production, designing, and operations of machines. The course objective of mechanical engineering is to prepare students for applying the principles of mechanical engineering for designing, manufacturing, and maintenance of mechanical systems.

B. Tech in Electronics & Communication Engineering

B.Tech. ECE focuses on concepts and designs of underlying hardware systems which are used in areas such as telecommunication, energy and electronic sectors. It is based on research, design, development and testing of electronics in various systems.

The core topics include an understanding of analog transmission, basic electronics, solid state devices, microprocessors, digital and analog communication, analog integrated circuits, satellite communication, microwave engineering, antennae and wave progression.

B. Tech in Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineering is the study and application of electricity, electronics a, d electromagnetism for the development and maintenance of electrical and electronics equipment. Electrical Engineering course study includes Circuit analysis, machines & drive system, Power System, Control system, Power electronics, Utilization etc. The main focus of the course will be on industrial requirement of ‘Electrical engineering’.
The scope for students of B. Tech Electrical Engineering is very high. There are two options available for them either they can join higher education after this course or they can join their professional career as per skills. At present, electrical engineers have great demand in the market.

B. Tech in Computer Science & Engineering

B.Tech CSE is a comprehensive course in computer applications and system. It deals with designing and developing computer software and hardware processes. Through this course, the students will be able to understand, learn and use different programming languages, digital and analog electronics, networking and telecommunications etc.
The course delivery methods include lectures, lab work, industrial training, assignments, workshops etc.