Master of Public Health

Today, leading a health care organization takes more than the ability to treat patients. Physicians in managerial roles need to balance financial responsibilities, competitive pressure and human resource needs in order to streamline the health delivery system. The Master of Public Health program offers valuable experience and useful knowledge in a results-oriented environment. Participants gain practical managerial skills to augment their talent in the diverse healthcare system. The Master of Public Health is a two year full time programme wherein the students get to know on how a Hospital operates and the role of Administration in hospital and allied health services.
The students in the Master of Public Health program at SKFGI would have to undergo a rigorous academic engagement with parallel exposure to hospitals for real time situational learning. The students would be able to demonstrate knowledge of public health and healthcare system. They will also have the ability to apply principles of leadership, policy development, budgeting and program management in the planning, implementation and evaluation of health programs for individuals and populations. This course at SKFGI also prepares the students to demonstrate leadership skills and face challenges of the dynamic nature of health care administration.

Master of Business Administration

MBA course teaches students about various business and management skills. They learn how the corporate industry operates and how the business world works. The course aim is to make socially responsible managers capable of managing teams and providing valuable insights. They should work for the benefit of the organization and the customer service as a whole.
The regular MBA course includes mandatory internships during the breaks in both the years. It is done to enhance the practical knowledge and skills of the students.