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 Information  Degree Certificates (2016 Pass Out) are available from Examination Cell.
 Notice  Withdrawal of Caution Deposit
 Notice (Diploma in Engineering)  Final Semester (6th) updated Grade Card
 Information  Degree Certificates (2017 Pass Out) are available from Examination Cell.
 Information  Degree Certificates for Diploma in Engineering students (2017 pass out) are available from Examination Cell.
 Notice (Diploma in Engineering)  Diploma Students (Batch: 2014-2017): Degree Certificate
 Notice  Kanyashree Prakalpa 2018-19
 Notice  Scholarship 2018-19
 Notice  Notification and Important dates for Separate Supplementary Examination 2018.
 Notice  Merit cum Means based scholarship & for the educational loan for the year 2018-19.
 Notice  For pending Grade Cards/Certificates.
 Notice  Swami Vivekanand Merit cum Means based Scholarship for the year 2018-19
 Notice  Kanyashree Prakalpa 2018-19
 Notice (Semester Fee)  All students of B.Tech, M.Tech, MBA & Diploma Engg. are hereby directed to submit the next Semester Fee within 24th December 2018
 Information  Degree certificates (2018 Pass Out) are available from Examination Cell
 Holidays 2019  List of Holidays 2019, SKFGI
 Time Table (MBA)  II & IV Semester w.e.f. January 2019
 Notice  Diploma Students (Batch: 2015-2018): Grade Card
 Time Table (B.Tech)  Even Semester 2019, w.e.f. 15.01.2019
 Academic Calendar (B.Tech & M.Tech)  For 2019 Even Semester (January-June)
 Time Table (M.Tech)  Electrical Engineering 2nd Semester 2019
 Time Table (Diploma in Engineering)  Revised Time Table for the Even Semester - 2019
 Notice  The 3rd & 4th General Aptitude Test (GAT) for the 3rd year & 4th year B.Tech students respectively will be conducted on 16th February,2019
 Notice  The facility of E-Books is available in the campus.